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Inglés A1
100 horas

- Formar a los alumnos en la materia para aplicar los conocimientos en el puesto de trabajo para fomentar la promoción dentro de la empresa y alcanzar a través de la gramática y el vocabulario la utilización del idioma en cualquier entorno laboral.
- Conseguir que el alumno aplique los conocimientos necesarios para una correcta comunicación oral, escrita y telefónica.

UD1. Haciendo nuevos amigos (making new friends)
1. What´s your name?
2. Where are you from?
3. How old are you?
4. People and things

UD. 2. Obteniendo información (getting information)
1. She´s spanish
2. Are you married?
3. Personal details
4. Where are things?

UD. 3. Mi familia (my family)
1. Introducing my family
2. Christmas together
3. Whose is this?
4. Festivals

UD. 4. Descripciones (descriptions)
1. Do you want the hamburger big or small?
2. I live in Spain
3. What do you do in your free time?
4. What´s this?

UD. 5. ¿Cómo es ella? (what is she like?)
1. I love her eyes
2. He is too shy
3. My friend likes sports a lot
4. Meeting my neighbour

UD. 6. Un día en el trabajo (a day at work)
1. What do you do?
2. An important meeting
3. Where does your mother work?
4. Your ideal job

UD. 7. De compras (going shopping)
1. At the grocer’s
2. Can I pay with credit card?
3. Would you like to try it on?
4. Can I help you?

UD. 8. Me encanta la ropa (I love clothes)
1. What are you wearing tonight?
2. Special occasions
3. I like them!
4. It fits you lovely!

UD. 9. ¿Qué puedo comer? (what can I eat?)
1. Shall we eat out today?
2. I like fish!
3. Explaining a recipe
4. Make a reservation

UD. 10. Todo sobre las casas (all about houses)
1. I live in a flat
2. Buying new furniture
3. My brother has three pets
4. We need a plumber urgently

UD. 11. Vida diaria (daily life)
1. What time do you have lunch?
2. What time is it?
3. I go to gym twice a week
4. Today is my birthday

UD. 12. Vamos al colegio (let´s go to school)
1. My favourite subject is...
2. Strike!
3. Going on a excursion
4. My class

UD. 13. Mis mejores vacaciones (my best holidays)
1. By plane
2. What a hotel?
3. Planning our holidays
4. Don´t forget your passport

UD. 14. ¿Cuáles son tus aficiones? (what are your hobbies?)
1. Tonight is the final!
2. What are you interested in?
3. Shall we go to the theatre?
4. I don´t like jazz

UD. 15. ¡Me encuentro mal! (I feel ill!)
1. Parts of the body
2. What a headache!
3. How is your mother?
4. Having a relaxing bath

UD. 16. Mi futuro (my future)
1. My new life at university
2. Difficult exams!
3. Finding my way
4. My future plans

UD. 17. ¿Quién es? (who is speaking?)
1. Making a phone call
2. I can´t live without my mobile phone!
3. The phone is ringing!
4. On the phone

UD. 18. Experiencias (experiences)
1. I’ve just arrived from New York
2. A dangerous day
3. Wild animals
4. What an embarrassing situation!

UD. 19. ¿Qué países has visitado? (what countries have you visited?)
1. What is the weather like in London?
2. What is the capital of…?
3. Visiting new countries
4. What nationality are you?

UD. 20. Vida moderna (modern life)
1. I need a new computer
2. What’s on tv tonight?
3. I am listening to the radio
4. She is always working



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